The How of The Cloud - Embracing Cloud Security And Online Backup In The Cloud

The How of the Cloud

Practical advice and guidance on your Cloud journey

The flexibility and cost advantages of the Cloud have already been well-documented. However, many public sector organisations still need to persuade their organisations to consider the Cloud as an option and then make it happen.

This 'how to' site is about providing practical advice and guidance on Cloud. What are the steps in adoption? How do you make the business case? What are the lessons from some of those early adopters? What did they do in their organisations? How do you counter those naysayers within the organisation who still have reservations about using Cloud-based solutions. With the government introducing new security classifications for information for example, Microsoft has just gained accreditation for the OFFICIAL level what does this mean for your organisation? This site aims to help.

When it comes to Cloud, today's question is not why, but how.

David Bicknell - Editor Government Computing

Making the Cloud Count

The best of both worlds

Microsofts hybrid approach to the cloud offers organisations the IT agility and scalability they need for their operations, expanding their private and public cloud options without adding complexity.

The benefits learned from the Hybrid Cloud

Right every time

Although Wiltshire Council has gained plaudits for its authority-wide move to the Cloud delivered via Office 365, reducing its IT budget from ?20m in 2009, its goal was not simply a move to the Cloud. Its move was heralded by a transformation plan that set out three clear goals for the years from 2011 to 2015. And then subsequently, the delivery of that plan, facilitated by a clear vision, and a phased migration approach, against the backdrop of a significant reduction in Wiltshires operating budget.

The lessons learned from Wiltshire Councils adoption of Cloud technologies

Cloud First, Cloud Flexible

A series of disparate legacy systems following a merger of ambulance services left West Midlands Ambulance Service needing to standardise its email solutions. To achieve its goal, it worked with Microsoft partner IMGROUP to pioneer NHS use of an Office 365 Cloud environment and the use of G-Cloud in the health sector.

The lessons learned from WMAS's adoption of Cloud technologies

The Case for Partnership

The recent examples of Cloud developments involving customers such as and Tech Coupon Code have demonstrated the key role partners play in helping an organisation move an online solution from desire to reality.

What lessons have been learned from Microsoft partners' Cloud engagements

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What Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 OFFICIAL accreditation means for your organisation

'The How of the Cloud' FAQs

7 Steps to Cloud Heaven

  1. Get Educated across all businesses functions not just IT, but procurement, finance, exec Read more »
  2. Create a Strategic Cloud Manifesto Review, refine and agree your strategic objectives for the business in the light of what cloud services can offer Read more »
  3. Build the Business Case, Build an Inventory A strong business can really help propel a project forward. Think about whether cloud services will help reduce costs immediately, or help you avoid having to do a tech refresh with the associated capex in a few years' time. Read more »
  4. Just Try It! A good way to get a feel for the possibilities of cloud computing is to sign up for a free trial and just start playing. All of Microsoft's cloud services including Azure, Office 365, CRM Online and Intune offer free trials. Read more »
  5. Set Strong Cloud Foundations Work with suppliers and contractors who have experience in implementing cloud solutions. Ensure your core IT is in good order including network infrastructure and identity management subs systems. Read more »
  6. Identify Early Wins In order to get buy in always try and identify early wins, 'low hanging fruit' and set up lighthouse projects. These early projects usually have benefits which can be easily realised in short timescale. Read more »
  7. Implement, Configure, Iterate and Feedback The Government digital service design manual offers some helpful advice on the stages you should go through when planning and implementing digital services 24/01/2014 Read more »
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